• new: minimum supported Python version now is 3.7

  • new: output more version infos on “crossbar(fx) version”

  • fix: pin to pip v19.3.1 because of “new resolver” and confluent dependencies with conflicts

  • fix: do _not_ use wsaccel on PyPy (the JIT is faster)

  • fix: Docker image baking scripts and CI automation for PyPy 3


  • new: callback user component function “check_config” on container/router components

  • fix: support Docker images for ARM (32 bit and 64 bit)

  • fix: bake Docker multi-arch images

  • fix: PyPy3 CI

  • new: enable autobahn client unit tests


  • fix: update and migrate CI/CD pipeline to GitHub issues

  • fix: depend on Autobahn v20.12.3 - this fixes a potential security issue when enabling the Web status page (enable_webstatus) on WebSocket-WAMP listening transports-


  • fix: depend on Autobahn v20.12.2

  • fix: CI/CD - disable MacOS CI, update Docker imaging scripts


  • new: bump dependencies

  • new: CI use newer ubuntu and newer pypy

  • fix: copy license file to root folder (#1825)

  • fix: check for io_counters feature - macos (#1826)

  • new: proxy improvements (maintain and RR multiple backend connections)

  • new: function-based custom authenticators (for more authmethods)

  • fix: proxy/rlink management API


  • fix: “crossbar stop” subcommand crashes on Windows (#1802)

  • new: use core20 for snap runtime (#1798)

  • new: include node authid in generated node key file

  • new: web+router+proxy worker mgmt api polish + docs

  • new: refactor/cleanup IRealmContainer

  • fix: management API of proxy workers

  • fix: improve and polish log output of nodes


  • new: various fixes and improvements to rlinks

  • new: proxy worker management API

  • fix: turn down log noise


  • fix: management procedure “get_router_realm_links” return value not serializable (#1781)

  • fix: we always have publisher/caller information (#1778)

  • fix: attribute name (removed underscore)

  • fix: webservice of type “path”


  • new: bump CI to py 3.8

  • fix: rlink fixups (#1777)

  • fix: node shutdown option processing

  • new: Configurable cookie headers #issue-1511 (#1753)

  • fix: fix backend closing behavior for proxy worker (#1754)

  • new: proxy class authenticator 2 (#1764)

  • new: add mgmt api to lookup realms by name in router workers

  • fix: varies proxy worker fixes and cleanups

  • fix: backend closing behavior for proxy worker


  • new: proxy worker backends support wamp-cryptosign backend authentication using node key

  • new: proxy workers fully support all authentication methods for frontend session

  • fix: rectify proxy worker glitches and refactor proxy worker code


  • new: support forwarding of options.extra to native workers

  • fix: error in wamp.session.list and wamp.session.count (#1721)

  • fix: ticket #1725 log on disconnect; don’t bother checking before close (#1726)

  • fix: close not propagated properly from backend (for websocket and rawsocket) (#1723)

  • fix: handle disconnected transport during stop notification (#1716)

  • new: Support Fallback Resource from packages (#1711)


  • new: allow running reverse web proxy service on root path (“/”)

  • new: set reverse web proxy HTTP forwarding headers

  • new: extend WAP web service: allow loading Jinja templates from Python package,

    check service configuration, allow running service on root path

  • new: first-cut dealer timeout/cancel implementation (#1694)

  • new: expand reverse WAMP proxy worker docs

  • fix: depend on autobahn (and xbr) v20.2.1 and refreeze all deps

  • fix: improve logging for router transport starts

  • fix: remove python 2 compatibility code / remove unicode strings (#1693)

  • fix: ticket #1567 mocks (#1692)

  • fix: use cpy3.7 docker base images (#1690)


  • fix: use time_ns/perf_counter_ns shims from txaio and remove duplicate code here

  • fix: CPython 3.8 on Windows (#1682)

  • new: comprehensive node configuration example / doc page


  • new: OSS proxy workers refactor (#1671)

  • fix: handle websocket vs rawsocket proxy clients (#1663)

  • fix: use python3.8 from ubuntu archives (#1659)

  • fix: snap ensurepip failure (#1658)

  • new: configurable stats tracking (#1665)

  • new: WAMP session statistics via WAMP meta API events (wamp.session.on_stats)


  • new: authrole configuration for WAP web services

  • new: revise/improve WAMP proxy workers

  • new: snap improvements + use py3.8

  • fix: add Web-Archive service docs

  • fix: remove legacy python 2 imports


  • new: router-to-router links (aka “rlinks”, aka “r2r links”) - enables WAMP router clustering and HA

  • new: WAMP proxy workers - enables WAMP clustering and HA

  • new: WAP-webservice (WAP = WAMP Application Page)

  • new: Archive-webservice


  • new: #1607 component restart behaviors (#1623)

  • fix: bump Twisted to v19.7.0 because of CVE-2019-12855


  • fix: wait for onJoin to run in start_router_component (#1613)

  • fix: worker disabling from env var (#1612)

  • new: load node cryptosign key on all native workers

  • new: max_message_size for both listening and connecting transports

  • fix: improve reading config values from env vars

  • new: worker option disabled to skip starting of worker

  • new: router statistics tracking and management API (get_router_realm_stats)


  • new: WAMP meta & CB mgmt API - close router sessions by authid/authrole

  • fix: turn down log noise for detaching sessions already gone

  • new: allow setting authid in anonymous auth; remove setting authid/authrole from client params on anonymous auth

  • fix: system/host monitor typo in stats attribute

  • fix: REST bridge (#1597)

  • fix: WAMP meta API guard session attribute access (#1594)