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Setup on Amazon EC2

We provide a on Amazon EC2 Virtual Machine Image as a Community AMI to make setup on Amazon EC2 as simple as possible. The image has running on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS.

If you want to install from scratch, or run it on a different OS, see the instructions for installation.

Create an Instance

  1. Press 'Launch Instance'
  2. Select 'Community AMIs' in the list of AMI sources on the left.
  3. Search for 'crossbar' using the search box.
  4. Select the found AMI.
  5. In the setup, when configuring the security group, it makes sense to add a 'Custom TCP Rule' for the 'Port Range' '8080' since the application templates that come with Crossbar are served on this port.

There are AMIs for all regions, so this should work no matter where you want to run you EC2 instance.

SSH into the instance

Now connect to the machine via SSH software of your choice.

  • The IP or domain name are listed in the instance information
  • The user name is 'ubuntu'.

Once you've logged into the machine, you can set up One place to start is by using the application templates. For example, to set up the hello:browser demo and run it, do

crossbar init --template hello:browser --appdir hello_browser
cd hello_browser
crossbar start

You can then access the demo from any (modern) browser at the IP of your machine at port 8080.


Since is under active development, the version of Crossbar installed in the image will often lag behind.

There are two ways of updating

Update to latest release

You can udpate to the latest release version using pip (a Python package manager). Simply do

pip install -U crossbar[all]

Update to trunk

To get the most current development version of, you can update from the GitHub repository. Git is already installed and the repository is cloned into crossbar.

To update do

git pull
cd crossbar
pip install --upgrade -e .[all]
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