Router Transports

Transports are necessary for allowing incoming connections to Routers. This applies to WAMP connections as well as for other services that Routers provide, such as Web Services . provides the following transports for WAMP

as well as

which include WebSocket as one suboption.

All of above is running over Transport Endpoints, so you need that as well to get a fully working transport.

For completeness, there is also the Flash Policy auxiliary transport, and special transports for TCP Benchmarks and WebSocket Testing.


WAMP runs over any transport with the following characteristics (see the spec):

  1. message-based

  2. reliable

  3. ordered

  4. bidirectional (full-duplex)

Over which WAMP transport an application component is connected to a router does not matter. It’s completely transparent from the application component point of view.

The WAMP spec currently defines these transports: