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Router Components

Routers can run WAMP application components written in Python side-by-side, i.e. within the same system process.

Here's an example configuration:

   "controller": {
   "workers": [
         "type": "router",
         "options": {
            "pythonpath": [".."]
         "components": [
               "type": "class",
               "realm": "realm1",
               "classname": "hello.MySession"
         // ... rest of router configuration ...

The common parameters for components are:

parameter description
id The (optional) component ID - this must be unique within the router this components runs in (default: "componentN" where N is numbered starting with 1)
type The type of component, must be "class" (required)
realm The realm on the router to attach this component to, e.g. "realm1" (required)
role The (optional) role for which the component is authenticated, e.g. "role1", if none give authentication is as "anonymous"
extra Optional data provided to the class when instantiating.

For components of type == "class", the following parameters must be provided:

parameter description
classname The (fully qualified) class name of a class that derives from ApplicationSession (required)
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