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Reverse Proxy Service


To configure a Web Reverse Proxy Service, attach a dictionary element to a path in your Web transport:

option description
type must be "reverseproxy"
host the host of the web server to proxy, e.g. "".
port the port of the web server to proxy (default: 80)
path the base path to fetch data from with no trailing slashes (default: "")


Here is how you define a Web Transport that do reverse proxy to

   "type": "web",
   "endpoint": {
      "type": "tcp",
      "port": 80
   "paths": {
      "/": {
         "type": "reverseproxy",
         "host": "",
         "path": "/my_path"

In this example, an incoming request POST /login would be proxied to domain as POST /my_path/login

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