Node Info Service

The Node Info Service is configured on a subpath of a Web transport and allows you to expose a HTML information page about the node.

The page is rendered dynamically by and includes information such as:

  • Release COMMUNITY 17.4.1

  • Node Started 2017-04-15T22:33:13.578Z

  • Node Controller PID 31043

  • Running Workers 1

  • Node Public Key 42c1e06fb527d041ba5f9b14166153d95fcb6123353fad4265a7fd469b269f42

  • Served for from router worker with PID 31048.

The node public key is useful eg for secure pairing with a management platform. The software release version and PID allows to verify basic operation.

While a node info page does not expose secure information per-se, it does expose software versions and public key material, which can expose the identity of the originator of information (though it will still preserve confidentiality).

Because of this, running this in production, listening on a public internet facing endpoint, is NOT recommended!


To configure a node info service, attach a dictionary element to a path in your Web transport:




must be "nodeinfo"


See `here <>`__ for the complete example.

A Web Transport configuration that includes a Node Info Service on the subpath info:

    "type": "web",
    "endpoint": {
        "type": "tcp",
        "port": 8080
    "web": {
        "paths": {
            "/": {
                "type": "static",
                "directory": "../web"
            "info": {
                "type": "nodeinfo"

When you open http://localhost:8080/info in your browser, you should get a HTML node information page rendered with data like the node public key and software release string.