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Native Worker Options

Native Workers, that is Routers and Containers can be further configured with options.

Both Routers and Containers share the following options:

option description
title The worker process title (default: "crossbar-worker [router]" or "crossbar-worker [container]")
python The Python executable to run the Worker with, e.g. /opt/python27/bin/python - this must be an absolute path (default: same as controller)
pythonpath A list of paths to prepend to the Python seach path, e.g. ["..", "/home/joe/mystuff"] (default: [])
cpu_affinity The worker CPU affinity to set - a list of CPU IDs (integers), e.g. [0, 1] (default: unset) - currently only supported on Linux and Windows, not on FreeBSD
reactor Choose the type of Twisted reactor, instead of the one chosen automatically. See below.
env Please see Process Environments.

Selecting a Twisted reactor is platform-based: reactor takes a dictionary as an argument, with the platform as the keys and a single reactor per platform as the value.

Platform values which are handled are bsd (with possible prefixes), darwin, win32 and linux, while reactor values are select, poll, epoll, kqueue, and iocp.

Additionally, the process environment for the worker can be determined using the option env - for more information see Process Environments.

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