HTTP Bridge


Imagine you have an existing application which isn’t based on WAMP components – say, a REST or classical Web application using HTTP.

Now what if you just want to add some real-time features without changing your existing app to use WAMP or migrate from synchronous, blocking to asynchronous, non-blocking code? Or if you want to access your existing HTTP services using WAMP?

This is where the HTTP bridge services of Crossbar can help. They provide WAMP components which provide interoperability with existing code by using HTTP.

  • The HTTP Bridge Webhook is a service that parses incoming WebHook requests (e.g. from GitLab or GitHub) and pushes all the arguments to a configured topic

  • The HTTP Bridge Publisher is a service that allows clients to submit PubSub events via HTTP/POST requests. Crossbar will receive the event data via the request and forward the event via standard WAMP to any connected subscribers in real-time.

  • The HTTP Bridge Caller is a service that allows clients to perform WAMP calls via HTTP/POST requests. Crossbar will forward the call to the performing server and return the result.

  • The HTTP Bridge Subscriber is a service that forwards WAMP PubSub events to HTTP endpoints.

  • The HTTP Bridge Callee is a service that translates WAMP procedure calls to HTTP requests.