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Flash Policy Transport

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Old Web browsers like IE8 and IE9 do no support WebSocket natively. One option to work around is using web-socket-js, a WebSocket implementation written in Adobe Flash.

When using Adobe Flash to open a TCP socket, Flash will only allow the (outgoing) TCP connection after checking for a so called Flash policy file on the target server. And this policy file needs to be served on TCP port 843. includes a pseudo transport for serving a Flash policy file. It is a pseudo transport, since in itself, it does not provide a WAMP transport, but its only purpose is to serve the Flash policy.

The examples repository contains a working example for this.


In the configuration (.crossbar/config.json), you'll find:

   "workers": [
         "type": "router",
         "transports": [
               "type": "flashpolicy",
               "allowed_domain": "*",
               "allowed_ports": [8080],
               "endpoint": {
                  "type": "tcp",
                  "port": 843


The only difference client side (in the HTML) versus a standard client is that you now include the Flash implementation before AutobahnJS:

<!-- Adobe Flash implementation of WebSocket: -->
   WEB_SOCKET_SWF_LOCATION = "WebSocketMain.swf";
   // set the following to false for production, otherwise
   // it _always_ uses Flash
<script src="swfobject.js"></script>
<script src="web_socket.js"></script>

<!-- AutobahnJS -->
<script src="autobahn.min.js"></script>


option description
id ID of the transport within the running node (default: transport<N> where N is numbered automatically starting from 1)
type Type of transport - must be "flash".
endpoint Listening endpoint for transport. See Transport Endpoints for configuration
allowed_domain Domain (a string) clients should be allowed to connect to or null to allow any domain (default: null)
allowed_ports List of ports (a list of integers from [1, 65535]) clients should be allowed to connect to or null to allow any port (default: null)
debug Turn on debug logging for this transport instance (default: false).
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