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Cryptosign Authentication

WAMP-Cryptosign is a WAMP-level authentication mechanism which uses Curve25519-based cryptography - Ed25519 private signing keys.

It allows authentication from both sides (client-router and router-client) to prevent MITM attacks.

Like TLS, it is a public-key authentication mechanism.

Unlike TLS, it does not rely on the broken CA infrastructure.

Additionally, the curve used was generated outside of the NIST standards process, so the likelihood of a nation-state backdoor is much lower. (The specification of this curve for use in TLS is currently underway.)

And, last but not least, high-quality and performant implementations of the curve are available with the NaCl libraries.

Note: Cryptosign is currently available when using Autobahn|Python and Autobahn|JS. Other WAMP client libraries may have implemented it, so check with the respective documentation.

Note: Cryptosign is currently still under active development, so some features may be missing or not be stable yet.

We provide examples of using Cryptosign for static configuration.

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