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Controller Configuration

When a node starts, initially only a single process is started: the node controller.

The node controller is the master process of everything. At each time, there is exactly one node controller process running. When the node controller process has ended, the node is down.

The node controller can be configured using the controller item in the node's configuration:

   "controller": {
      "id": "mynode1",
      "options": {
         "title": "mycontroller"

The available parameters in the controller dictionary are:

option description
id The ID of the node (default: hostname of machine)
options Controller process options - see below (default: {}).
manager Uplink management application (upcoming).

The available options are:

option description
title The controller process title (default: "crossbar-controller")
shutdown Controls how and when crossbar shuts down. Permitted values are: shutdown_on_shutdown_requested (default for "managed" mode), shutdown_on_worker_exit (default), shutdown_on_worker_exit_with_error, shutdown_on_last_worker_exit.
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