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Supported Languages

WAMP is an open protocol, and the open source client implementations currently cover 12 languages. For some of these there are multiple implementations.

The maintainers of Crossbar.io also maintain the follwing client libraries:

Autobahn|Python is used as part of Crossbar.io itself. Both Autobahn|Python and Autobahn|JS are used for prototyping in the development of WAMP and are fully featured. We are working on bringing Autobahn|CPP up to the same level.

Other libraries are provided by third parties. Some are under more active development than others, and the degree to which WAMP features are implemented may differ. The Crossbar.io project does not closely monitor these, but we know that some of them are in production use and work well for this.

Here's the full list ordered by language:

(order is alphabetical in all cases)

Our hearfelt thanks to all implementers out there! We really appreciate your contributions to the WAMP ecosystem!

(Full disclosure: There are also alternative WAMP routers. You can find a list of these on the WAMP protocol site.)

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