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Contributing to the project

If you want to contribute code to the project, all development happens on GitHub and we use the usual fork, PR and merge workflow.

  1. Read the Developers Guide
  2. Fork the code from GitHub
  3. Send your Contributor Agreement

Fork us on GitHub

We use the Fork & Pull Model. This means that you fork the repo, make changes to your fork, and then make a pull request here on the main repo.

This article on GitHub gives more detailed information on how the process works.

Send us a Contributor Assignment Agreement

Before you can contribute any changes to the Crossbar.io project, we need a CAA (Contributor Assignment Agreement) from you.

The CAA gives us the rights to your code, which we need e.g. to react to license violations by others, for possible future license changes and for dual-licensing of the code. The CAA closely follows a template established by the Harmony project, and CAAs are required by almost all open source projects which are non-trivial in scope.

What we need you to do

  1. Download the Individual CAA (PDF).

  2. Fill in the required information that identifies you and sign the CAA.

  3. Scan the CAA to PNG, JPG or TIFF, or take a photo of the box on page 2 (the entire box, including the information identifying the document).

  4. Email the scan or photo to contact@crossbario.com with the subject line "Crossbar.io project contributor assignment agreement"

If your write contributions as part of your work for a company, you also need to send us a Entity CAA (PDF) signed by somebody responsible in the company.

You only need to do this once - all future contributions are covered!

We are looking into a fully electronic workflow to get legally binding CAAs, but due to how different legislations handle electronic signing, we currently see no other way than the print/scan/mail workflow. Sorry for the inconvenience! For a detailed explanation of what the CAA means for you, and why we need it, see the CAA FAQ.

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